Why Lift Techs?

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Our Commitment

We believe that every customer of Lift Techs Crane & Rigging, deserves to be treated with respect, and asks for our best. We partner with each client in every way we are able. We faithfully and humbly strive for the highest integrity, safety, performance,and quality of people and machinery.

Our Qualifications

Every Operator is NCCCO Certified and trained. Every Crane is OSHA inspected for safety annually, and operator inspected twice daily.

Our Focus

We Believe that every customer deserves a trusted advisor that makes completing a job more rewarding and less stressful. We should do everything we can to make that happen. We will rise to the challenge of the most difficult job, safely and securely.

Our Up Front Pricing

Our billing time is from portal to portal, with a 4 hour minimum charge.

25 Ton Cranes - 92' Live boom $150 per hour

30 Ton Cranes - 100' Live boom. $155 per hour

40 Ton Cranes - 124' Live boom with a 31' jib. $170 per hour

45 Ton Cranes - 127' Live boom with a 45' jib. $183 per hour

50 Ton Cranes - 128' Live boom with a 45' jib. $195 per hour